Happy No Matter What


[Interview] a heathen mystic speaks

For this month’s interview series, I had the chance to chat with my good pal Anna “What’s Her Name” Kunnecke about her signature program The Queen Sweep. (Don’t miss the first 3 minutes. You will see all kinds of bloopers that I’m just too damned lazy to edit out (plus real life is sooooo much [...]


25 Simple Ways to Be Kind (To Yourself)

1. Give yourself a hug 2. Call yourself “sweetie” 3. Buy yourself some body butter (my favorite is Brazilian Mango Grapefruit by Pacifica) 4. Laugh at your own jokes 5. Make a promise to yourself and keep it 6. Call yourself a “rock star” when you do 7. Write “You are beautiful” on your bathroom [...]


Do you love money?

Big news! I’m starting something new on the blog… an interview series. I think it’ll be a fun way to introduce you to brazen people who inspire me and might inspire you too. So the plan is once a month, I’ll do a short interview with someone cool and post it to my blog. This [...]


[Note from Amy: I hope you enjoy a guest post by Master Coach Lin Eleoff. She is a very funny lady and a pretty wicked-talented illustrator (see her original art work below). And she happens to know a few things about a few things. So read her wisdom below and make sure to check out [...]


I need YOU

As you may know I’m on a crusade. I want everyone to know about The Approval Trap – the secret reason woman on a mission struggle to magnetize to them the people they were meant to serve, make an amazing living and finally making the impact they want to make in the world. Which is why I [...]


Want a free spot in my five-week coaching program “Be Brazen”? I’m having a contest! I loaded this program with the mindset and the groundbreaking tactics every confident, change making, status quo busting, awe inspiring woman on a mission needs to know to kick ass in biz and life, magnetize her tribe and make great [...]


Sh*t approval addicts say

Hey approval addiction is real! And sometimes we approval addicts can be hilarious! If you can relate, post a comment below! If you liked this video, please join me for my upcoming  no-cost training! Related posts:The true story of how I lost my mother and found a tribeWhy You Must Be DangerousWhat if Rejection were [...]


An approval addict plays to her edge…

I believe that life is so much more fun when we are not afraid of being judged. Okay so maybe I look like a dork, but I am having a blast! What would YOU do if you weren’t afraid of being judged?? Post a comment below! I would LOVE that.   Related posts:The Live Brazen [...]