Why Am I Teaching You The Exact Skills I Use to Coach My Clients –– And Myself?

(Because the view is SO much better from the driver’s seat)


You’re tired –– you’ve been hanging out in the self-help section of the bookstore for a while now.

You’ve accumulated mounds of materials on personal development, set (and reset) life intentions and recited an annoying amount of positive affirmations! But it’s not happening.

The passionate, purposeful, ass-kicking self you see in your visualizations continues to elude you; and you’re still not sure exactly WHAT you’re supposed to be doing with your life –– you just know this isn’t it.

The crazy part? Everyone on the outside looking in thinks you’ve totally got it made –– the high-power job, the benefits, the loving family –– but they don’t see you stopping for takeout on the way home everyday (or the health cookbook you bought a month ago that’s now collecting dust on your kitchen counter!)

They don’t see what happens after you get home either. When you go to your room, shut the door and induce yourself into a kettle-corn coma; not because you’re depressed… but because you’re disappointed –– in yourself. And when the floodgates open, the questions come:

Why didn’t I travel the world like I said I would?
What happened to that book I wanted to write?
Why don’t I ever follow through on my business ideas?
What if I never do ANYTHING important with my life?!

So, you put on your pajamas & you hop into bed with your laptop. Without even thinking about it, your hands begin typing the URL to Facebook. Within seconds, you’re greeted by a barrage of gorgeous family photos, nauseatingly inspiring quotes and unapologetic self-promotions:

Kristen is volunteering as a well-builder in Africa (Awesome!)
Dawn has a business page with over 1,000 followers (Good for her!)
Claudia looks deliriously happy to be pregnant again (How nice!)

With each status update, you feel the knots in your stomach getting tighter and tighter. Finally, you close your laptop & turn out the light, before telling yourself you don’t have to figure it out tonight.

If this sounds at all familiar, you’re not alone! I’ve worked with hundreds of women over the years who are struggling to get it all “figured out.” And if you’re anything like my past clients, or my former self…

3 Things Are Holding You Back From Living The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of

I know, you may be skeptical! Why on earth would YOU –– overachiever, consistent winner & collector of gold stars –– ever let anything hold you back? You may insist you can’t correct course because you just don’t know what you really want. But… I’m lovingly calling bull sh*t on that!

1. Your Persona

This is your public personality –– the mask you wear to please your co-workers, friends and community. Like everyone else, you developed this external image at an early age because it made you feel safe. Now, you don’t want to be safe, you want to be fully expressed and real!
So, you’re constantly trying to reconcile your persona with that little voice inside, urging you to be, say or do something different. It’s a silent game of tug-of-war that is weakening your authentic self the more you ignore it.

SOLUTION: Cultivate genuine self-confidence by transforming the energy around your persona into power.

2. Your Perfectionism

We all know perfection doesn’t exist, and let’s be honest –– Don’t you love & appreciate your not-so-perfect friends more? But being a perfectionist is touted as a virtue in our society. In fact, it’s probably the most common response given to the standard job interview question, “What’s your biggest weakness?”
But perfectionism is NO badge of honor; it’s an excuse to keep you from taking the necessary actions to actualize your dreams.

SOLUTION: Allow yourself to experience joy by transforming your perfectionism into playful curiosity. Trial & error baby –– it’s how you learned when you were a child!

3. Your Pressure

Nowhere is the evidence of our Puritanical forefathers greater than in our society’s display of extreme self-inflicted pressure! We’ve been conditioned to believe anything worth having requires hard work, sacrifice and struggle. Though pressure sometimes produces great results in the boardroom, it seldom bears fruit when it comes to actualizing our more authentic desires.

SOLUTION: Uncover your purpose by transforming your pressure into permission. Learn how to ask & give yourself what you truly need in each moment. You’ll have access to a deeper wisdom when you approach your questions from a place of relaxation.

If you’re thinking this sounds simple, you’re right! But don’t be fooled –– simple doesn’t always mean easy…

(remember the self help books we were talking about earlier)? Our culture has conditioned us to believe we can learn anything by reading about it, when this couldn’t be further from the truth! Especially when it comes to drastically altering our deep-seated beliefs & habits.

And that’s exactly why I’m writing you  –– I don’t want you to struggle trying to figure it out on any longer! I want you to transform your life into one of passion, purpose and excitement. And I want you to contribute to the world in a way that is satisfying to your soul.

So, why am I  teaching you the exact skills I use to coach my clients

(and myself)?

Because I believe every woman, without exception, ALREADY has the answers to the questions keeping her up at night; she just need someone to teach her how to access them. Which is why I’m thrilled to announce the premiere of:

Coach Yo’Self: A 9-Session Program on How to Navigate Your Own Life With Purpose + Passion + Action

I’ve structured this program with one simple goal: To help you develop solid self-coaching skills & pivotal mindshifts you can use to navigate, course-correct & actualize your dreams for years to come. And I gotta tell ya –– I haven’t seen ANYTHING else like this out there!

Here’s What You Can Expect To Gain:

  • A personal story, action plan & style that will take you where you want to go –– Faster.
  • The tools, knowledge-base & courage to become your own coach.
  • Rewired access to your inner-guidance system plus answers to your most pressing questions on life, love & purpose.
  • Crucial mindshifts that will banish your approval-seeking ways.
  • A life you actually feel excited to live when you get up in the morning.
  • Peace of mind that you ARE on the right path –– Finally!

The fastest way to create real change is to work with someone, 1-on-1, who can help you break through your hidden barriers. And the ONLY way to make sure those changes stick is if you learn how to coach yo’self! I’ve designed this program to include:

  • A personalized program syllabus, structured to accommodate your unique strengths, challenges and goals.
  • Nine 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me via Skype or phone.
  • A completely customizable meeting schedule.
  • Comprehensive session recap notes for “core” sessions.
  • Your very own self-coaching toolkit.
  • Unlimited access to my Inbox for support when you need it most

In case we haven’t met before,  I’m Amy –– reality TV junkie, total goof and recovering tax equity analyst.

If you’ve never worked with a life coach before, I can assure you I’m anything BUT typical. After falling victim to the negative 3-Ps, I found myself crunching numbers for a progressive think-tank in Portland. My morning reading material: The Wall Street Journal, The Times and The Oregonian. My mission: Solve world hunger, while staying ravishingly thin (oh, the irony).

But I wasn’t happy –– everyday felt like a struggle. I desperately wanted to fit in with the group of people I’d surrounded myself with, but all I wanted to do was read woo-woo books! I grew tired of constantly trying to hide this part of myself I found embarrassing, but was terrified at the prospect of “starting over again.”

It wasn’t until 2007 that life forced my hand –– I became pregnant with twins (after 5 years of infertility hell) and experienced the unexpected loss of my mother only 3 months before their birth. Shortly after, I quit my job & enrolled in Martha Beck’s coaching school where I experienced a tidal wave of revelations: I didn’t care about foreign policy, current events or the price of gasoline (gasp)! What did I care about? Personal development, gardening and listening to Barbra Streisand on repeat!

As soon as I released my “inner dork,” everything seemed to magically fall into place –– opportunities, resources & ideas. Now, I spend my precious time on this planet doing what I truly love –– helping women like YOU actualize their dreams.

OK, How Much?

This 9-session program is yours for the introductory price of 1400.

If you were to book nine 1-hr private sessions with me, it would cost you $1,800 and you wouldn’t necessarily receive all of the self-coaching strategies, tools & exercises I’ll be revealing in this program.


Click the button below to set up a FREE 15 minute Alignment Call to see if we’d make a good team.

As soon as you schedule your call, I’ll email you a short series of questions that will help me learn more about you and help us decide together if this program is the right fit for you.

Schedule My FREE Alignment Call Now!

If you decide you want a spot, you’ll be taken to a 100% secure Paypal form. Once payment has been received, you’ll receive a welcome email with calendar options to schedule your first session + your first homework assignment (a series of powerful questions to determine where you are right now and where you want to be.

But wait, there’s more.

As a 1-on-1 client, I think of you as a VIP member of my tribe. That means, I LOVE to shower you with bonuses & fun surprises! Here’s what you’ll also get as my gift to you:

Bonus 1: It Doesn’t Have to Be A Struggle

This is one of my most popular teleclasses and it’s not available to anyone other than my private clients. In this 90 minute class, I outline why I consider the phrase It Doesn’t Have To Be A Struggle my core message. It’s a wonderful resource for perfectionists and overachievers and I consider it a perfect accompaniment to this coaching program. Upon payment, you will receive your copy along with the supplemental materials right away.


Bonus 2: Coaching Revealed for Approval Addicts

I’ll get straight to the point; I believe that everyone has issues with approval. I  believe the desire for outside approval one of the biggest obstacles for personal growth. I created this series for my clients so they could benefit from coaching without having to sit down with a coach. Many of us learn by listening to others work through the same or similar limiting beliefs. This powerful product will give you a taste of my coaching for approval addicts and help you understand how the desire for external approval can get you 100 percent lost.



If you’re still on the fence, I’d like to tackle the questions that may be on your mind:

Is this REALLY a good value for the money?
Hell-yeah it is! I’ve NEVER seen another coaching program so focused on giving you the tools you need to coach yo’self. And as a Martha Beck Master Coach Trainer, I’ve been around the block! The skills you learn with me will stay with you for-evah. But, I gotta ask YOU something: What’s it going to cost you in terms of time, energy and happiness, if you keep doing what you’ve always done? Had I not learned what I’m going to share with you in this program, I’d still be cooped up in my little office crunching numbers (yuck).

Do I actually have time for this?
You’ll notice this is described as a “9-session program” NOT a “9-week program.” That means you get to choose our call schedule. Want to meet every other week? Awesome. Want to take a month off to marinate in between the 3 core sections? Do it!

Can you really help me, even though I have NO idea what my next step should be?
The fact that you’re here, reading this page, means YOU’RE READY! All I require is the sincere desire to change. I’m going to teach you how to tap into your inner-guidance system that ALREADY knows the answers.

Is it necessary to have previous coaching experience to benefit from this program?
Absolutely not! This program WILL teach you the same strategies, skills & mindshifts professional coaches use to help their clients (and themselves). So, just to be clear, this is NOT a coach mentor program (though it could also benefit coaches).

So, if you have a feeling this is exactly what you need to finally start living the life you’ve been dreaming of –– take take action now. I don’t say this to be pushy, but to be upfront about the fact that this is a 1-on-1 program, and I only have space for 3 new clients right now!

And to be honest –– between working on my book, maintaining my group coaching program and taking care of 3 energetic kiddos –– I don’t know when I’ll be offering this again.

Thank you!


Ready to take the next step?

Click the button below to set up a FREE 15 minute Alignment Call to see if we’d make a good team.

As soon as you schedule your call, I’ll email you a short series of questions that will help me learn more about you and help us decide together if this program is the right fit for you.

 Schedule My FREE Alignment Call Now!

If you’re ready to start living your life with purpose, passion and ACTION, click the button above to reserve your spot.

Imagine what it would feel like to have the tools, strategies and experiential knowledge to Coach Yo’Self


Amy is one of the best coaches in the business because she walks her talk. With style. She uses ALL her tools on herself, so what you get in a coaching session with her is the real deal– road-tested, well-honed coaching with no fluff. Also, Amy makes me laugh about twelve times a minute, even (especially) when we’re talking about something deeply painful– which is a quality in a coach that is priceless.”
- Anna Kunnecke

“I have witnessed Amy coaching a diversity of clients and she is one of the savviest, quickest and incisive coaches I know. Amy has an effortless way of honing in on the real issues that keep her clients stuck and skillfully leads them back to who they are and what they are meant to be.”- Jackie Gartman


I have worked with several life coaches over the years and have been extremely impressed with Amy’s work in particular.  She has a natural ability to pinpoint the root of the problem and then use a variety of effective processes to transform the problem into solutions.Before my first session with Amy I was really struggling with my relationship with my son.  After one session it was as if a heavy burden was lifted.  Immediately I was able to feel a renewed feeling of love and appreciation for my son, myself as a mother and my life in general. She is a skilled, intuitive and compassionate coach and an all around amazing woman.  If you are ready for some positive changes in your life, call her now.”

- Cristina Weber


I participated in Amy Pearson’s six-week program last fall, and we worked on breaking through some of my resistances around writing.  I am a college instructor and astrologer, and it’s long been my goal and desire to develop a career as a writer in the astrology field.

I felt that Amy gave me very practical tools, and through the work we did in our sessions, I learned how to overcome the many daily resistances that come up as a writer.  I can measure the effectiveness of the time I spent with Amy by the fact that I had my first published article in the largest national astrology magazine, The Mountain Astrologer, within six months of completing my sessions with her.  Since then, I have published three more pieces in the magazine.

Amy was able to help me to get to the heart of my resistances very quickly, and identify the thoughts that were holding me back.  For example, I would often self-sabotage by comparing myself to other writers, and shoot myself down before I could even start.   We worked on these self-defeating thoughts, and she helped me to find ways to “turn it around” so that I truly was able to believe in my own competence and voice as a writer.

I also enjoyed Amy’s compassion, sensitivity, and thoughtful nature.  She is a great listener, and I truly felt that she was 100% present during our sessions.  I also felt her focus was totally upon helping me to reach my goals, and at the same time that she was willing to confront those things which I might have felt uncomfortable to look at on my own.

-Dena DeCastro


“I had been reliving and repeating the same mental pattern over and over. I could see exactly what was happening each time but I had no idea how to shift it. Amy came in with her infinite patience and huge heart and talked me through my drama. She pointed out where I was lying to myself, making things harder than they needed to be, and painting myself into a corner. She helped me find a way out of the frustration and into a much easier way of being.”

–Jenny Shih


Amy is an incredible coach and I know a good coach, I have coached with some of the greats and Amy is on par with any of them. Amy is unique, she has so many tricks up her sleeve just when I think I have heard/done everything she blows me away with a new technique that totally rocks.

Every session we unlock a piece of my mind that connects me with my deeper self, my purpose, my soul. I feel so strong in my path after our sessions I can’t wait to get her on the phone again to connect me back to myself.

Overtime I have discovered I can do it on my own but with her as my guide I get so much deeper. I sometimes picture her with her arsenal of tools in front of her just waiting to pull out some crazy coaching tool to help me dig deeper and get stronger connection to me. She is crazy good at what she does. She is honest, loving, and a bit of a nut. You would be the luckiest of the lucky to have her as your mentor. Actually? Go away. I want her all to myself.”

- Kathie Marshall


“Just one session with Amy was worth the price of the entire program.”

- Jill Goldsmith


Amy was a perfect guide for helping me understand and begin to unravel the belief systems that were causing me to avoid my feelings by focusing on food. What began with food quickly spread to many other areas of my life that were influenced by these beliefs.

She diligently and gently kept my feet to the fire and gave me tools to work with.

I knew something had shifted when I faced that open bowl of M & M’s, my favorite comfort food, at my mother’s house and wasn’t interested in eating any. Finally, I could feel the pain of my mother’s illness without self-medicating with food. I am so glad to have Amy at my side.

–Claire Bronson


At 41, I’ve struggled with my weight for over 20 years. I’m educated, smart, motivated yet I haven’t been able to find peace with my body and eating habits and weigh my natural weight. By working with Amy, I was introduced to a whole new way of looking at weight loss, eating, my thoughts and how they all relate to each other. After every session with her, I felt lighter already. She really is that good.

You may even notice, like I did, that the skills you learn by working with Amy can transfer to other areas of your life and help you and your relationships immensely.

Amy is incredibly nurturing yet not afraid to ask you the tough questions that get to the core of your issues. If you have any doubts, spend a few minutes on the phone with her and you’ll feel like you’ve come to the right place.

- Megan Loughney

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