Group Coaching for Approval Addicts

This is your chance to participate in a coaching circle just for approval addicts!

Do you…

  • Rehearse what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it before going into situations… even ones as simple as talking to your husband?
  • Mentally go over the things you said and did after mom’s group, finding all kinds of ways you could have done it or said it differently?
  • Dress mostly to make some kind of impact on the people around you?
  • Apologize when your house is dirty?
  • Change the things you do and say depending on who you’re with?
  • Keep your opinions to yourself when they’re not the same as the opinions of other people?
  • Buy things just to make an impression  (e.g. watches, cars, etc.)?
  • Assume you know what people are thinking about you?
  • Find yourself trying to impress on a regular basis?
  • Think your success and/or happiness depends on the opinions or judgments of other people?
  • Constantly try to achieve so that other people will be impressed by your accomplishments?
  • Find yourself stuck when you’re afraid you might fail at something?

Just imagine what life would be like if you didn’t worry about other people’s approval…Take it from me, a life free from approval seeking feels wonderful. I am 100% more able to show up for my kids, my husband, myself and for the world.

I created a group coaching opportunity just for approval addicts because I find that being a part of a safe, supportive and fun group of other approval addicts can be an incredible way to overcome the need for approval. My clients report shifts in their thinking and behavior right away just by listening to other people talk through these issues.

Some other benefits you can expect:

  • Clarity – You will no longer be wasting time, energy and money looking for happiness where you won’t find it.
  • Consistency - Your life will reflect your values and your goals.
  • Connection – Improved relationships across the board– with family, friends, co-workers and most importantly with yourself!
  • Confidence – You won’t need to look outside of yourself to feel good any longer.
  • Purpose – You will find a way to do what you love, heal the world and make money!
  • Power – Uncover your hidden superpowers and put them to work in your life!

The Details

  • When: 2 90 minute calls twice a month for three months
  • Time: noon PST/3pm EST, Wednesdays starting in June (6/1, 6/15, 7/6, 7/20, 8/3, 8/17)
  • Cost: $300

* Have to miss a date? No problem – all sessions will be recorded and delivered via email within 24 hours of the session.

What You Can Expect

  • To read more from actual participants see below

Sign Me Up!

** I accept payment via PayPal. After you have purchased your spot, I will email you with call-in details as well as a prework document (so I can get to know you a bit before our first group coaching call) and your first assignment! I can’t wait to have you in the group!

The Guarantee

If, after participating in this group coaching circle, you are not completely satisfied with your experience just email me and I will refund your payment.

What People Are Saying…

“When I registered, I thought letting go of approval addiction would take me years but now I am experiencing freedom from the anxiety of approval addiction. One of the most powerful things about the course was listening to other class participants go through the coaching process during our calls. My fellow classmates were always, as they spoke, unknowingly giving voice to issues that were mine as well as theirs. Hearing them articulate beliefs and thoughts during their coaching time on the call really helped me see the truth because I shared the beliefs and thoughts they worked through. Once I had heard Amy coach my classmates, I understood instantly that I needed to let thoughts and beliefs go. And often, these were thoughts and beliefs that had plagued me for years.

Amy is a delightful teacher. Her naked honesty and charming sense of humor make her a pleasure to learn from. Her 90 minute classes fly by and I can’t wait til the next one. She is also able to create an instantly warm community amongst strangers on the phone. By the time class ended, I felt like those women I had never met before had become fellow thought warriors with me. We formed a team during Amy’s classes and worked together towards freedom from approval addiction.”
- Wende

“The coaching process is not new to me – I worked with a coach previously  (it was much more expensive and I got FAR less out of it than I did in this class). Do yourself a favor and take the time to work with Amy! This was by-far one of the most engaging opportunities I’ve had to learn about myself. Her common-sense approach will draw out your ‘addict’ but its her compassion that will allow you to truly find yourself. My life has forever been changed; yours will be too!”
- Erika

“It’s so easy to get caught up in your own head. For me, listening to group coaching was great because I was reminded that I’m not alone in my thinking. Going through the process myself, I felt supported and emboldened having a group that could understand and relate to what I was sharing. Perhaps I was even giving voice to what someone else felt… ”
- Lisa


About Me

Hello. My name is Amy and I am an approval addict (a “recovering” approval addict anyway). Before I became a life coach, I spent years chasing approval. When I was younger, I wanted my mom to approve of me so I participated in beauty pageants– I hated them. I wanted my dad to approve of me so I played sports – basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis, track. The only sport I really enjoyed was tennis! I wanted my friends to like me so I drank a lot at parties so I would seem like more fun. I ended up with a minor in possession!

As an adult, my desire for approval grew. I did every thing in my power to gain the respect and admiration of as many people as possible. I learned how to speak foreign languages, I became a computer programmer, I got a masters degree. I can go on and on. I was so busy chasing approval from the Entire Known Universe that I had zero time or energy to feed my own soul. No matter. I was so disconnected from myself that I didn’t really even have a clue how to feed my soul.

I learned how to overcome my addiction to approval. I now live my life from a place of peace, confidence and freedom. I’ve finally found my true work in the world, I enjoy a happy family life with my husband and three children and I take amazing care of myself. Oh and I have fun every day!

My Coaching Philosophy

I am a certified Martha Beck Life Coach and a Master coach in training. In my coaching, I follow the North Star process. Martha Beck, in Finding Your Own North Star, uses the North Star as a metaphor for your right life. It’s a fixed point in the sky that can always be used to figure out which way you’re headed. Like the North Star, Martha argues: “the knowledge of your perfect life sits inside you just as the North Star sits in its unalterable spot.”

The North Star Process is based on the premise that each client already has the basic knowledge and operating instructions to create his or her right life.

In my work, I have found that the single most significant way that people lose sight of their own North Star is through approval seeking.