Do you know the children’s book series with those cute little characters called Mr. Happy, or Little Miss Giggles? A few years back Urban Outfitters was selling adult sized t-shirts of them.

I asked my husband which character he would pick for me. I was convinced he’d say Little Miss Sunshine, of course.

He replied without a moment of hesitation, “Little Miss Bossy.”

I was shocked. It really pissed me off that I was Little Miss Bossy. I really, really wanted to be Little Miss Sunshine.

Since receiving this inadvertent diagnosis from my husband several years ago, I’ve wrestled with this part of me. I’d compare myself to other women, the ones who speak in gentle voices and always seem to have it together. “I need to be more like that, if I am ever going to be a ray of light!” I’d tell myself.

Not long ago, I took a personality inventory called The Strengthsfinder. I’ve taken it 3 times actually.

Each time I score high in a theme called Command. It took me a while to bring myself to read the description. I didn’t need yet another confirmation after all… “I’m bossy! I know! I know!”

But when I actually read the results, I was stunned. “People who are especially talented in the Command theme have presence. They can take control of a situation and make decisions.” The results also say I have daring ideas, offer usual viewpoints, in short, I challenge people to think differently.

Here’s what one of my clients had to say about me:

“I’m not new to working on personal growth. I’ve long read inspired teacher’s books and heard their lectures; I’ve even made good progress. But Amy helps me take it to a new, deeper level. Doing an inquiry into the belief ‘I don’t count’, I was all ready to give evidence of things I’ve done that prove ‘I do count!’ Instead she suggested that maybe both thoughts were a problem for me, that maybe me believing my actions can either make me count or not count might itself be worth questioning… It sounds simple, but the thought was radical and personally transformative for me. Maybe I didn’t have to count or not count, I could just be. I know I wouldn’t have gotten there without her.”

Little Miss Sunshine might be a ray of light, but Little Miss Bossy can help people see things in a totally new light.

I’m glad I’m not beating myself up anymore for not being more like Little Miss Sunshine. I’m not ashamed of Little Miss Bossy. I embrace her. And because of it, I now help people make radical transformations in their own lives.

How might you be trying to emulate something you aren’t and, in the process, ignoring your true super powers? I call this your persona. And in my brand new coaching program – Coach Yo’Self, I help you unpack your persona so you can uncover your true super powers.

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