Want a free spot in my five-week coaching program “Be Brazen”?

I’m having a contest!

I loaded this program with the mindset and the groundbreaking tactics every confident, change making, status quo busting, awe inspiring woman on a mission needs to know to kick ass in biz and life, magnetize her tribe and make great money doing it.

It’s for you if you’re an entrepreneur, coach, healer or leader and you know you need to drop the approval drama once and for all so you can do epic shit in the world the way only YOU can.

Here are some of the shifts and transformations you can expect after joining me in Be Brazen:

  • Clarity! A sense of purpose and direction in your biz and in life
  • Bye bye overwhelm. You’ll know your priorities and bid adieu to time-sucking stuff that used to bog you down.
  • You’ll voice your ideas with confidence without coming off arrogant or conceited.
  • You’ll stop being phobic about trying new things.
  • You’ll charge what you want without apology energy.
  • You’ll be able to ask for what you want when you need it (and keep your head up high).
  • You’ll create real connections with other people, no more superficial shop talk with other coaches or surfacy small talk at networking events
  • You’ll form a supertribe to experience what true belonging is like (and get the support you need)
  • You’ll learn how to actually say no (without spending the next 48 hours obsessing over it) and set healthy boundaries with your clients
  • You’ll regain lost stores of energy and creativity
  • You will drop kick the habit of worrying about other people’s opinions of you
  • You will learn how to channel criticism in a crazy-productive way to improve your business and life
  • You will stop sacrificing yourself at the alter of other people’s needs so you can have more time do your work in the world
  • You will learn how to literally magnetize your ideal client to you
  • You’ll access buckets of inner charisma that you didn’t even know you had to inspire other people to share their truth with the world (and hire you)
  • You’ll learn how to stop Energy Vampires and Debby Downers from sucking up all of your time an energy
  • And lots more!

I’ll be sharing the exact strategies I used to escape The Approval Trap so I could stand up and Be Brazen (and start experiencing major results in my business!).

So…how can you win a spot, you ask? 

I’m giving away one seat to my upcoming 5 week coaching program “Be Brazen” valued at $497! 

Two Ways You Can Win: 

1)     Twitter – all you have to do is click here to tweet the information below to enter!

I want to win a ticket to @pearsonamy ‘s 5 week coaching program “Be Brazen” http://bit.ly/T1tDiB #winbb

You can tweet to enter twice per day, each tweet will gain you one entry. All tweets must have the #winbb to enter!

2)   Written Entry – Write about how you represent a “woman on a mission” and how you want to get over the approval drama and play a bigger game in the world. A written submission will gain two entries and can only be submitted once.  Post your submission as a reply  below. 

Details to remember:

  1. You can enter to win via both entry ways 1 and 2.
  2. Tweets must contain #winbb to win
  3. The deadline is Friday, September 7th at midnight PST.

Good luck! I look forward to “seeing” you on my upcoming no cost training call September 5th. Click here if you have not yet joined!


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11 Responses

  1. Oh wow, am I ever a woman on a mission! I am building a practice as a holistic health coach specializing in helping women overcome chronic stress. I struggle with starting anew and putting myself out there. However, I truly believe that the world needs preventative health professionals like myself to combat the epidemic of burnout, obesity, diabetes and several ills rampant due to our standard lifestyles and eating habits. I would love to win this coaching program!! It would be invaluable for this transition period in my life and for me to really begin to make a difference in the world.

  2. Donna says:

    Yep – I understand Approval addiction all too well. For most of my life I have had this imaginary wall that stops me as soon as I get to it. I get really close to success in something (a job, an idea, weight loss) and bam…the wall and I sabotage myself into retreat. Super annoying. It wasn’t until I started getting your e-course that I realized what my problem was. I’m scared to death to put myself out there. What will they think, they won’t like me. GAK!!!! I’m a new LCT graduate (in two weeks) and I have so many things I want to do in my practice. I live in a small town that I grew up in so I know alot of people. When I think of being on the news spreading my message or being the newspaper I just freeze. I am getting coached on EVERYTHING as it pops up but this approval thing is deep rooted. I have kicked alot of habits and alot of limiting beliefs. I am ready to kick this ones ass!! I want my business to grow so I need to put myself out there….I need to get over this approval whore thinking so I CAN get out there!! I would love to to be considered for you scholarship. Thank you Amy for all your great work!!

  3. I’m a woman on a mission that would LOVE to win this coaching practice. For the last year I’ve been studying, networking and doing everything I can to learn about how to create my own portable business. I’ve identified my strengths and values, created a blog and web site and now I’m dithering on exactly what my offer is.

    I know I want to help midlife women to thrive as they enter this part of their live. I want to use my knowledge of natural wellness to show them how to build a strong base of healthy habits in order to charge forward and follow their dreams. This is a time of life when many women give up, feeling like it’s ‘too late.’ Of course the opposite is true and it’s possible to experience a renewed sense of power and purpose and this stage of life! Ultimately I hope that my work creates a ripple effect, empowering women to do world-changing work!

    But I’m hitting quite a bit of resistance on moving this vision forward. It hadn’t occurred to me that this is based on my need for approval until I stumbled across your site! I’ve always kicked myself for being too interested in what other think of me, in having then like me. Of course this is all based on that deep-rooted need for approval! It’s sabotaged me in many ways all my life – in my writing, in my other work, and now in building this business.

    I can see I need to work this junk out before I can move forward with my dream and vision. And I’m determined to do this. A woman on a mission!!

  4. Stacey says:

    I’d love to win a spot in the coaching program! My personal mission is to stop trying to be everything to everyone, and instead focus on those few things that will help the most people (helping myself in the process).

    My husband and I own a company specializing in website design and marketing specifically for dance studio owners and performing arts organizations. We have a lot of happy customers and customer interest, but the business is threatening to swallow us whole, because we are doing almost everything ourselves.

    My goal(s)? Hire others to do the website design and shift into more of a consulting/teaching/coaching position. Add online courses and webinars to my offerings, and eventually facilitate mastermind classes for dance studio owners to use as a tool for growth.

    This is a huge shift for me, and a scary one at that. I’m most comfortable handling every little thing, even if it runs me into the ground!

  5. Katie Morton says:

    My mission is to help people escape the corporate 40+ hour-per-week grind and follow the life of their dreams! Everything is taking wwwaaaayyyyy longer than it needs to…every step of the way, I’m having to muscle up the courage to take the next leap because of my limiting belief that “people don’t like me.” It’s a real downer. If I can gain the tools to forge ahead with built-in courage, I’ll be able to free so many more people to do good in the world, making money doing things they are passionate about

  6. Mariah says:

    How am I a woman on a mission? Well, right now I am living in the mystery. I’m in training as a life coach and I’m stepping away from my career of 15 years, massage, because it doesn’t seem to be my work anymore. Although, I feel that knowledge will play a strong part in my new path. My mission is to shine brighter, live lighter, smile more and bubble this over to those I meet and work with. My husband and I recently took a huge financial risk in moving from Spokane to Portland, downsizing our lives and our incomes while also investing in my new path forward. We have benefited as a family already and my marriage has blossomed. We’re still living in a financial unknown though and our risk now is riding on our faith that this path is the right one. I’ve been working with the currency of energy, inspiring those I meet in exchange for more life building and sustaining good vibes, energy, heart and soul. Getting clearer with my authentic self will help me to explode into my new calling and reach the people I am meant to reach. Weather I’m coaching people through huge life transitions (divorce, relocation, children) or coaching people on how to have the best marriage ever, or simply offering a bit of quiet and calm and a big bright smile to people I pass on the street, authenticity is at the heart of it all. I enjoyed your call this morning and I look forward to working with you.

  7. Rebecca says:

    Yes, yes, YESsss! I am indeed a “Brazen Woman” who IS ready to fail in order to succeed! I’m sure I speak for many of us who were on your call today by saying “thank you” for your inspiring words. What you said today resonated strongly with me and I am hoping to indeed win this contest! I am a Martha Beck LCT and am beginning to create my coaching practice as the training ends this month. The scary feeling of spreading my wings to take this flight is there but I am indeed welcoming the uncomfortableness and realize that it is part of the process of success. I would love to have your guidance as I “walk this ring of fire”…

    I love the quote: Well-behaved women seldom make history.

  8. Holland says:

    Hi Amy, I’ve been in business for myself for a number of years and want to expand to reach more people with the wonderful resources I have and the resource that I am. I’ve been a feng shui practitioner for many years, with a special focus on EMF/RF issues and structured water. I’m also a trauma therapist, have been a body worker, and other related holistic endeavors as well. I’ve been synthesizing an approach which uses participating in your environment to have it support you in being authentically yourself, as well as increasing physical health and well being in the process. The environment we live and work in is an amazing feedback system for how we are inside ourselves. Changes in our interior are always reflected in changes in the exterior, and vice versa. How we experience our environment subconsciously also creates fixed ways in which we experience ourselves and who we think we are. It all occurs at the level of the felt sense. In addition to traditional compass school feng shui and equipment I sell to upgrade the harmonious field of our living space, I’ve discovered techniques for using the environment to free up stuck places we carry around from our own history. People don’t realize how deeply we’re affected by the integrity of the energy of a physical location and how we can consciously participate with it to be our authentic selves in both visionary and practical ways. This is something I want to develop more and would love to use your program to support the vision becoming a reality. Thank you!

  9. Heather says:

    Hi Amy! I participated in your call this morning and WOW! Did I ever feel like you were talking RIGHT to me. I am definitely a recovering approval addict and I know that this is what is holding me back in taking the next step in my career. I am a pilates and fitness instructor with a passion for wellness and I currently work in post-rehabilitation at a physical therapy clinic, but I have big dreams of creating a life that is mind-blowingly spectacular in which I can reach lots of people on a larger scale. I want to create a business that is more portable as my husband is an active-duty Marine and we seem to be unable to put down roots…..I have encountered and worked with many different people in different cities and I want to be able to reach all of them, no matter where I am! I want to create a web-based community and be an accessible resource to inspire people to reach their goals, fitness/wellness or otherwise! I know I am a brazen woman on a mission…so what is stopping me?? I’m hoping this coaching will help me break through!!

  10. Natalie says:

    My mission is to find true self and to create a lifestyle that reflects who I am, which is peaking from beneath the debris of exploded myths of social expectations.
    I have recently made a career change from architecture to film making because I believed that I have something to contribute to the world; telling people’s stories. I went to grad school, moved to a new country, and I am now at a crossroad.
    I want to be free of the lingering expectations and stubborn beliefs about so-called acceptable lifestyle and career in order to fulfill my dream of reaching people and speaking my truth.

  11. Melanie says:

    This is such a great idea! Thank-you for putting together this program. It looks like it will be a huge boost for whoever the lucky winner is. My name is Melanie, and I’m intimately familiar with the approval trap. I’m a recovering education-addict with a solid 10 years of various workshops, programs, schools, and credentials under my belt. I’ve spent a great deal of time chasing the elusive feeling of “knowing enough” in order to start my own private practice, my own line of products, my own (fill in the blank here). Meanwhile people with half the education I have just forge ahead and launch their own business ideas. I finally walked away from this vicious cycle just days before I was set to embark on another (very expensive) four year degree-granting program, and opened my own business instead (a retail store no less!) It was such a liberating experience. Through this process I learned that I’m an entrepreneur through and through. I’ve since sold my store, and I’m now on a mission to create something that is uniquely me – an online site that will allow me to share my expertise in my own unique way with purpose, direction, and confidence. I know this program will provide a great deal of motivation and inspiration!

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