Happy No Matter What


Here’s a Quick Way to Defeat Your Fears

Fear can render us paralyzed – like a deer in headlights – or it can motivate us to act. But if the fear is not justified, our actions will often lead us in the opposite direction of our North Star.


I occasionally enjoy reading trashy Hollywood weeklys. Part of me likes to live vicariously. I like to spy on these beautiful, well dressed people as they make their way to the gym or home from an evening at The Ivy. I marvel at their perfect hair. The shoes. That handbag. The fun they must have flitting from one high priced restaurant to the next.

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How Does Happy Really Feel?

I love wine. I like to enjoy a nice rosé on a warm summer evening. I like to go out to a fine restaurant and order a fancy bottle. Fine, I will also disclose that I have a particular weakness for champagne which I am fond of consuming while watching reality TV.