Happy No Matter What


How to Love Yourself

I love my son even when he uses my arm to wipe his nose. I love my daughter even after she throws a fit at Cosco in front of the pharmacy line and won’t get off the floor. I love my baby even when she throws up in my hair at 3am. I love my [...]


This Little Light of Mine

Throughout this series I’ve learned a lot about self-care but if were to boil it down to two words I would have to say: self love. I posted this quote by Brooke Castillo to Facebook the other day: “The sensation of hunger is satisfied with fuel; the emotion of hunger is satisfied with self love.” [...]


The other day I got some not-so-positive feedback about a course I just finished teaching. I got some positive feedback too but the bad stuff is always easier to remember, right? As a life coach, I’m a scientist of my own life and I’ll tell you, I’ve been a fascinating subject these past few weeks.  [...]