Welcome! This is the first post of what I am calling (for now) The Weight Loss For Smart Moms Chronicles. I’m a weight loss coach who just had a baby and I have 20 pounds to lose!

Did I mention I have 20 pounds to lose? Here is a picture of my post preggo belly.

The good news? I have my very own extremely powerful weight loss system to follow. Even better, I have a whole mess of people who can follow me along my journey and help keep me accountable.

So what I plan to do is post my ups and downs on a daily basis. The posts will have to be short and sweet because I’m an overwhelmed mom of three, count them, three children under the age of three (and all in diapers but that’s another story.)

Here goes.

Over the weekend we got a new scale. I think this one is actually accurate.  It tells me I have 20 pounds to lose in order to weigh what I did before baby number three. So today I am 150 pounds and at some point I would like to be 130 pounds again. I’m five weeks post pregnancy…

The first thing I am going to do is follow The Hunger Scale. If you’re not familiar with this tool, you should be. It is by far my favorite weight loss tool in my bag of tricks. Basically it’s a way of checking in with the body to figure out your level of physical hunger (not emotional hunger). The scale goes from negative ten to positive ten. The goal is to always stay within negative two and positive two on the scale. The idea is that you’re fueling your body so that it can do it’s work in the world. You don’t give it any more or any less than it needs. When I’m at negative two, I’m not dizzy or light headed, my stomach is feeling empty and I’m experiencing a slight “knock on the door” so to speak. When I’m at postive two, I have eatan enough to feel fueled but I am not groggy or weighed down. I’m light and spunky. I could go out and take a walk without discomfort.

Checking in right now… Oops I’m at about a negative three. This means I better go get something quick otherwise I’ll get to negative four. And one thing I’ve come to learn is that I eat to the opposite extreme so if I let myself get to negative four, I’m going to eat until I’m at positive four.

Gotta go find some fuel.

Postscript: I had to run and pick-up the twins from pre-school so I ended up eating two tamari rice crackers and an orange in the car. It did the trick.

Thanks for reading (psst. Comments of encouragement are so greatly appreciated.)

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5 Responses

  1. Jenny says:

    Amy, You’re amazing! You can do it! You have all of the tools! You are a role model for all moms and future moms! If anyone can be a sexy mama of three babies in diapers, you can!

  2. Love this Amy!! I have no doubt that you’ll reach your goal, dusting inspiration as you go!

  3. Amy says:

    Thank you ladies! xoxoxxoxo

  4. Julie-Anne says:

    You go girl! Inspiring! Congratulations on baby Joy – what a perfect name! xo

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