Many of us believe that weight loss has to be hard. It’s about self-discipline, deprivation, endless hours on the treadmill… I disagree. Weight loss can be fun! It can be a gift you give to yourself. It doesn’t have to be hard but it does require a shift in mindset. Listen to my interview with fellow weight loss coach Cookie Rosenblum to see what I mean. Cookie was kind enough to create a worksheet to help you get started thinking about (and planning) some of your own self-care activities. Click here to download the worksheet.

About Cookie:

Cookie Rosenblum, M.A., is a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach with over 20 years of experience helping clients lose weight. She has a Masters Degree in clinical psychology. Cookie teaches her clients how to think the way a naturally thin person thinks, so they can not only lose their extra weight, but they can lose the whole problem.

More About Cookie

Favorite self care book: The Comfort Book by Jennifer Louden, an old favorite.
Favorite self care practice: Writing in my journal, having a phone date with a close friend, blocking out some alone time.
Favorite self care food: I make a giant stir fry with tons of veggies and chicken, and some brown rice. I love it and I make enough to last for a few days. Also, in the winter I made a big pot of minestrone. Warm, good for me, and comforting.
Favorite self care role model: My husband. He always makes time to work out, take a nap, and treat himself to a pedicure, WITH NO GUILT!
Favorite self care song: No one special song, but love to blast loud music in the house when no one is home and actually dance (my kids would be mortified if they saw me).
Favorite self care treat: if I don’t need a nap, I will ‘treat’ myself to an On Demand version of one of my favorite HBO or Showtime series. It’s a great 30 minute escape.

To learn more about Cookie, click here.

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