Brooke Castillo calls them “little white lies disguised as reality.”

These days, “I’m too busy” is an excuse I catch myself using a lot.

“I’m too busy to plan healthy meals.”

“I’m too busy to fix dinner.”

“I’m too busy to go out for a walk.”

The truth is we have enough time to do whatever it is that is a priority for us. So I’m too busy is just another way of saying “It’s not a priority.” When I say “I’m too busy to plan healthy meals,” what I’m really saying is “Planning healthy meals is not a priority to me.”

True? No! See? Little white lies…

P.S. Down 5 pounds!

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  1. reSPACEd says:

    I completely agree! From a home organizer’s perspective, I often see this dilemma with clients and their relationship to their stuff. But the white lies they often tell themselves are, “I’ll just put this here for now” and “I’ll take a break now and get back to it later.” Here’s my blog post about it: http://respacedpdx.blogspot.com/2010/11/ill-get-to-it-later-and-other-lies-we.html

    You and I were thinking on the same wavelength that week!

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