Weighing in today at 149.9 pounds.

I managed to make it through Halloween weekend relatively unscathed.

I did a bit of fog eating though. Mostly Halloween candy.

A little explanation of the four types of eating…

  • Fuel – Eating what the body needs to do its work in the world. We want to be eating for fuel most of the time
  • Fog – Mindless eating. We don’t ever want to fog eat.
  • Joy – Eating what we love, no substitutes. We eat for joy ten percent of the time.
  • Storm – Basically a binge eat. We never want to storm eat.

The key – stay within -2 and +2 on The Hunger Scale and cut out all fog eating. Then, weight loss is practically guaranteed.

Seems pretty straight forward, but many of us like to keep eating past +2 or eat when we’re not hungry.

My problem? I get too low on The Hunger Scale and then I fog eat low quality food until I’m full.


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