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The yoga ball. I lived on this thing for nine months when my twins were infants. Bouncing them was just about the only way i could get them to stop crying. Baby Joy is a much more mellow child but I still find myself bouncing her a lot. I’m bouncing right now, in fact. It’s one way to move more. Fellow weight loss coach Cookie Rosenblum said this today “there’s something to be said for adapting to what may not be perfect, but what is available.” This statement totally resonates. It’s not easy to get a workout in while also caring for a newborn. That said, I’m only five weeks postpartum. I had a c-section and I’m finally off the pain pills. But I’m starting to feel like my old self, pre-pregnancy! So I’m ready to move more! But my body definitely wants to take it SLOW.

Bouncing on the yoga ball is one form of moving more, but it’s pretty darn boring. I’m setting a minimum baseline of getting out of the house to walk at least three times a week – if only for a few blocks. I got out today. It was raining but only a little. And it felt great to be outside.

In this approach to weight loss it’s all about approaching exercise with a “give” attitude. It’s never tedious. It’s never boring. It’s always a gift you give to yourself. Makes it a lot easier to stick with doesn’t it?

With this “give” attitude in mind, I’m trying to think of some other ways I can move more while also caring for a newborn…

Here are some ideas:

  • There is a mamalates class in town. I could check that out (pilates for mamas).
  • I’m thinking about taking a yoga class for moms and babies.
  • Walking is always nice
  • Once the baby is big enough I can take her jogging with a jogging stroller

Any other ideas?

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