trust me. i’ve been there.



One day I looked into the mirror and I didn’t recognize myself. Who IS this person? My hair in a messy top knot, no makeup, in sweats, and up to my elbows in poop. I don’t know who this person is. I don’t know who I have become. It’s almost as if, who I was before didn’t matter anymore, and she definitely didn’t exist. She had time for uninterrupted conversations with girlfriends. She had time for cocktails and brunches. She had time for conferences and breaking glass ceilings in her career. As I look in the mirror, where did SHE go?

I felt lost and alone.

I understood I was going to have a baby. I took classes on how to give birth. I took training on how to keep my baby alive. I took a workshop on how to bullet-proof my marriage. No one told me about what was about to happen. The shift and transformation of becoming a mother hit me like a semi truck. It was at that moment I knew I had to do something.

It was at that moment I knew I had to do something.

During my maternity leave, I hired a career coach. I had a 2 hour session that left me feeling no different, and not much came out of it.  So there I was in my rocking chair, feeding my baby every 2 hours and it hit me. The tools I used to help companies create experiences and profit, I could use on myself. I am the product. I can design the life I’ve been yearning for. I used my design process and exercises to help me get unstuck and design a life I love.

These skills that I’ve been trained for many years can help me uncover what I want in life and give me the direction I need. I can design the life I’ve been yearning for.

So after facilitating my design exercises on myself I discovered a few things: I love design and still want to keep that as a part of my work and that I love helping women, especially moms. All through out my design career the underlying mission was to help women. It was always rooted in making the best experience possible in order to help “her” feel her best. From making memories with Apple products to feeling fabulous in the best skin possible at Rodan + Fields, I was continuing to build “her” up. After deep reflection, I realized I can help other mothers through their life’s pivotal moments and support their transformation by way of design.

I’m here to remind you, YOU MATTER. The old you and the new you matter. Together, we will carve a new path, a new vision and a life that is designed specifically for you.

Not only did I established Bloom. for moms to design the she loves, but I founded a moms group, moms in Bloom. , to create an ecosphere of sustainable support for the long run.


Courtney Escanio is a female entrepreneur, mother, designer, yogi, and thrilled to help you design the life you’ll love. Prior to starting her family, she was a designer, creative strategist and art director with nearly two decades of experience in the corporate and start-up world.

She is currently trained in Design Thinking at Stanford and has facilitated Design Thinking Workshops in the corporate world for the last 7 years.Throughout her career she has mentored and coached numerous young designers in various business structures and roles.

Recently, her experience includes speed mentoring through Cascade SF events, and a year long commitment through the Sol Sisters Program. She has coached through the Ambassador Program at Rodan + Fields as well as one-on-one coaching within the company.


Currently enrolled in Mindvalley University for Holistic Life Coaching.

I love to help other mothers create happy, healthy, and meaningful lives. Let’s do this!