A custom package that is truly a 1 to 1 experience.

For those who are really want a full comprehensive experience that is tailored to your every need, a custom package might be for you. Here are some options that the package can include:

• Free introduction, discovery chat.
• Full sessions of each design exercise.
• Follow ups and milestones set to ensure progress.
• Continued support via email, phone and text.

• Half Day Retreat in Napa (coming soon!).
• VIP access to holistic integrated work sessions.
• Integrated yoga sessions.
• Exclusive On Demand content.


Sample package can include:

Get Unstuck

DESIGN YOUR LIFE, 1:1 SESSION | Unlimited, Call for Pricing

Feeling overwhelmed by the daily tasks? The to do list for work, the huge pile of laundry & dishes, scheduling cocktails with your girlfriends, OH! and date night with your hubby, also don’t forget about making cookies for your kids class! It is no wonder we are over booked, over tired and simply…over it. Surviving motherhood shouldn’t be the only option. Go from surviving to thriving through this foundational workshop. You can design the life you want, live joyfully and with purpose.

Find your Why

DESIGN YOUR LIFE, 1:1 SESSION | Unlimited, Call for Pricing

Sometimes we walk this earth half asleep. We go to work, we make dinner, we listen to the news, but why do what we do? Your Why is your purpose, your belief that drives you to take action. Understand what drives you. Get clarity on your direction. Start living with intention and purposefully with Finding your Why.

Defined your Vision

DESIGN YOUR LIFE, 1:1 SESSION | Unlimited, Call for Pricing

After doing the foundational work with “Getting Unstuck” or “Finding your Why”, a new vision of your life arrives and comes to you in different forms. Together we will define what you want and fine tune it so that you are intentional with where you want your life to go. A clear vision is necessary in order to design the life you want.

Create your Journey Map

DESIGN YOUR LIFE, 1:1 SESSION | Unlimited, Call for Pricing

A journey map is a visualization of the process that a person goes through in order to accomplish a goal. This is a common tool used in the user experience industry. Together, you and I will craft a map that will help you connect the dots and give you the direction you need.


Feeling like you’re down with this?

Let’s do this sister. A well designed life awaits you.