Bloom. is a movement dedicated to rising mothers who want to design a life they love and thrive through sisterhood. 

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Get unstuck. Break the glass ceiling.

Reframe Motherhood. Carve a new path. 

  • You might have looked in the mirror and said “Who is this woman? I don’t even recognize myself anymore”.

  • Is work is calling you, but you’ve changed and your vision for your life has changed.

  • Getting by at this motherhood thing, to realize you don’t fit the Pinterest mold. Don’t know which mold you fit in? Or that Moms of Instagram got you feeling like “Eh🤷‍♀️”?

  • You know what to do, but you still seem stuck in the every day rut.

  • Loosing sleep, dreaming of a life you are yearning for.

Honey, it’s your time. It’s your time to design the life you love by starting here.


Design your life.  

Mini Sessions

Jump start your journey by scheduling a mini session.


Get Unstuck
design your life mini session

Surviving motherhood shouldn’t be the only option. Go from surviving to thriving through this foundational workshop. You can design the life you want, live joyfully and with purpose.

Define your Vision.
design your life mini session

Together we will define what you want and fine tune it so that you are intentional with where you want your life to go. A clear vision is necessary in order to design the life you want.

Create your Journey Map.
design your life mini session

A journey map is a visualization of the process that a person goes through in order to accomplish a goal. Together, you and I will craft a map that will help you connect the dots and give you the direction you need.


Motherhood doesn’t have to be tough.

Don’t go at it alone. Connect deeply with other women who are through the same experiences. Feel at home. Feel safe. Feel alive.

A huge thank you. My wheels are already turning.
— Jackie A.
Your design exercises were a refreshing take on tackling the hard stuff. So valuable!
— Isabella C.

2 decades of experience

Courtney Escanio is a female entrepreneur, mother, designer, yogi, and thrilled to help you design the life you’ll love. Prior to starting her family, she was a designer, creative strategist and art director with nearly two decades of experience in the corporate and start-up world. She is currently trained in Design Thinking at Stanford and has facilitated Design Thinking …